Why Aren't Men Stepping Up to Date

What do you think the number one complaint is that women have about dating?

Hands down we've found that most frequently women identify men failing to "step up to the plate and date" as the primary reason they are still single. Now, whether men are to blame or not, we're not quite sure. In fact, we suspect men are actually doing more pursuing than women give them credit for. However, the struggle is real and we don't want to be so quick to dismiss the very real frustration Christian women are feeling. 

If women feel like men aren't pursuing, but men say they are, what explains the disconnect? 

We had to get to the bottom of this one.

In this week's episode, I teamed up with We Date Modern contributor, and Founder of Christian Girl Gone Rogue, Rasheeda Winfield to explore possible reasons why Christian men aren't more assertive in pursuing the ladies. 

Episode highlights:

  • We hear from some of our listeners who wrote in about the #1 complaint women make about Christian dating

  • Chanel shares her favorite posture in therapy

  • We chat about how the Peter Pan syndrome and delayed adolescence impacts dating

  • We share what men say when asked why they won't ask women out who go to their same church...and why we suspect it's a cop out

  • We consider how Mark Driscoll and the machismo movement in Christian circles may have helped and hurt your dating life

  • Rasheeda suggests she might be ready to get in a prayer closet and start seeking God for a movement among men when it comes to dating

  • Chanel reveals why she's a member of the Beyhive and what Jay-Z may have to offer Christian men when it comes to dating

After you listen to the episode, be sure to hop over to the Facebook group to connect with others on what you think is causing men to hesitate when it's time to shoot their shot!

Before You Go

One of the best parts of recording this episode was getting to hear responses from actual listeners! We love learning from you and having you chime into the conversation. Do you have a dating issue you'd like us to talk about or want to be interviewed on the show? Shoot us an email at info@wedatemodern.com with your show idea.

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