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The following presentations are completely customizable for you. Whether you are planning a conference or workshop, one or multi-day event, we can collaborate to create an optimized experience for your church or organization. 

The ideal audience for most of these gatherings is a diverse audience of progressive Christians who are currently single or actively in dating relationships.

Know Your Why

Many relationships are doomed to fail before they ever begin. In the excitement of a possible new match, singles often miss this critical step in the dating process: they don’t know their why. Before starting a healthy Christian dating relationship, each partner must be clear on their primary and secondary reasons for wanting to pursue relationship. In this workshop, your guests will be guided through a process to reflect on their motivation to date. Additionally, we will help adults reconnect to the high biblical value placed on singleness in an effort to remove the stigma that singles are “second class citizens.” 

Outcomes: At the end of the talk your guests will leave with

  • A clear statement of why they are desiring a dating relationship
  • Suggested reasons to pursue or pause dating at this time of their lives
  • A biblical understanding of the value of singleness

Know Yourself

The constant rejection and uncertainty of dating relationships can often cause us to lose our footing in who we are. After a series of missed chances, repeated first dates or heartbreaks it’s easy to begin asking questions like “Am I good enough? Will someone ever know me on a deeply intimate level? Is it possible to be fully known and fully loved? “ In this workshop, guests will root their identity in Christ as well as develop a process for exploring their own unique wiring. Guests will ultimately walk away with a clear list of traits that are most necessary to find in a complementary partner. 

Outcomes: At the end of the talk your guests will leave with 

  • A solid overview of who the Bible says they are in Christ
  • Access to Enneagram and Meyer Briggs personality assessments to further explore their unique identity 
  • A list of the core qualities that may be important to find in a mate
  • A positive self-assessment and gratitude for their individuality
  • A personal wellness assessment to gauge individual health in multiple areas
  • Self-care suggestions to build healthy rituals of personal wellness

Know Your Past

It’s hard to know where we are going unless we know where we’ve been. Looking back on past relationships can provide tremendous insight on future relationships we hope to enjoy. In this workshop, guests will be invited to reflect on their past dating experiences, culling the past for clues to future relationships or our perception of the present. Through a guided process, we will celebrate the joys and grieve the losses from past relationships. For those who have a limited dating history, we will guide them to enter into beliefs or messages they internalized about romance. 

Outcomes: At the end of the talk your guests will leave with 

  • A Treasure List of positive lessons and memories from past relationships they hope to carry into the future
  • An Honor List of losses and wounds from past relationships they’d like to leave in the past
  • Therapeutic recommendations for continued grief work to be done independently or with a list of local, trained counselors

Know Your Family

Our beliefs about love are first honed within our families of origin. Therefore increasing our awareness of generational patterns and our inherited beliefs about love can significantly aid us on our dating journey. In this workshop, guests will understand their family legacy of relationships as they construct a family Eros Genogram. They will then be prompted toward gratitude and/or forgiveness for the blessings and sins of their unique family system. 

Outcomes: At the end of the talk your guests will leave with 

  • A customized Eros Genogram outlining generational patterns of relationship
  • New insight into present relational dynamics they may be tempted to carry out in new relationships
  • Resources for continued family evaluation 

Know Your Boundaries

The sexual narrative of our modern culture frequently overpromises and under-delivers. And as sexual intimacy has been co-opted by the secular world, we have lost sight of the beautiful biblical foundation for sex and our own personal ethics around physical intimacy. In this workshop, we will reclaim sex for Christians, helping your guests develop a roadmap for their own sexual expression based on truths from theology and psychology.   

Outcomes: At the end of the talk your guests will leave with 

  • A clear roadmap of physical intimacy to follow before they are “in the heat of the moment”
  • A robust understanding of God’s intention for sex and its expression within the context of the marital relationship
  • A consideration of making a commitment to sexual abstinence and language to assert their values to partners in dating relationships


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