Are you feeling stuck and need a partner to help you get perspective so you can dig out of the overwhelm and start moving forward toward the life you're meant to live?

We'd love to help you kickstart your lifeplan. It's a terrific way to get clarity for today while also preparing for a full two-day lifeplan if you'd like to pursue the lifeplan retreat in the future.  

LifePlan Kickstart


The goal of our time will be to help you get perspective through a comprehensive assessment of what's going on in your life right now as well as some initial goal-setting for what you'd like to experience in the future.

Then I'll help you identify which areas of your life need improvement and some next steps you can take to experience more health in the areas that matter most.  

The session covers how to:

- maintain what's working in your life now

- assess level of appropriate self-care

- determine the balance of intimate relationships

- accurately identify what's working or not working in your career

- integrate spiritual practices to support your health


LifePlan Process

What past clients say about the Kickstart


"Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me and hear my story and provide insight. I'm still stewing on the content of that conversation and feel very blessed that you set aside that time to invest in me. It was a big source of encouragement."


Investment:  $350 (funds go toward your two-day lifeplan if you decide to continue with a full LifePlan Retreat)

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