The We Date Modern Facebook Group is a community of single Christian women who are committed to developing a fresh approach to healthy dating. It's a private group for those who listen to the podcast and are participating in private relationship coaching or We Date Modern online courses. 

First, let us just say that we're crazy happy that you're a part of our crew! This is THE PLACE to share your insight, struggles, hopes, fears, tips and more. The group is here to answer your questions and hang on every word you say when you have something valuable to share. 

Now we believe in the motto: good fences make good neighbors. So in order to make this community a fun, safe and positive place to be, please adhere to the following community guidelines:

Choose to think the best of other women posting in this community and they'll think the best of you. 

Yes, you are welcome to share your gripes, irritations and all out frustrations around dating in this space. But if you can, try to err on the side of positivity. We're all having a hard time so let's build one another up rather than share only discouragement. 

Lead with vulnerability and honesty in all of your comments. Brené Brown says, "Vulnerability is the first thing I look for in you but the last thing I want you to see in me." Sharing from a place of honesty is the fastest way to connect and earn respect. 

You'll get out of this community what you put into it. Ask questions. Give answers. Treat the other members like your best friend who you can't wait to support. 

Treat this group like a girls' club where confidentiality is sacred. Don't share someone's personal business out in the streets like you have no home training. You may know someone through various channels in this group (because the Christian world is hella small). Pretend you don't. Let them be free.

Now let's get back to having some fun, shall we? Join us over at the We Date Modern Facebook Group: